Deadline Extended For Cedar Grove Junior Baseball and Softball League

February 15 is the new registration deadline for the spring 2013 season.

Youngsters have a second chance to register for the Cedar Grove Junior Baseball & Softball League spring 2013 season. The deadline has been pushed back a month to give all players an opportunity to join.

Forms must be completed online by February 15 or by mailing the registration form and check or money order to:

PO Box 112
Cedar Grove, New Jersey 07009

“To be eligible to play a child must be a resident of Cedar Grove and first year players must submit a copy of their birth certificate along with registration form and payment,” the League said.

The fee for kindergarten tee-ball is $75 per player. A fee for grades one through eight is $100 per player.

First year players must email a birth certificate tocgjbsl@gmail.com.

Click here for more information on the Cedar Grove Junior Baseball & Softball League.


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