Students Learn Science, Math and Pumpkinology

Grover Cleveland Middle School sixth graders experiment with pumpkins before carving them.

Math and science are a part of everyday life, including Halloween. That was the lesson learned by Grover Cleveland Middle School sixth graders last month who participated in Pumpkinology.

The annual event uses pumpkins to teach measurement, averages, estimation, problem solving and the scientific method. The day ends with an art project—pumpkin carving.

Parent volunteers work with teams of students to complete various activities. The teams develop a hypothesis about the relationship of pumpkin seeds to the size and weight of the pumpkin and later prove or disprove their theory when the seeds are cleaned and counted.

“This has been a great way for parents to get involved and be a part of the sixth-grade curriculum,” sixth-grade teacher Ryuichi Saito stated in a release from the school.

“Teachers act as facilitators as parents lead the students through a series of teacher-provided activities," she said. "The students are able to use the skills that they acquired in their math and science classes to complete the project and have fun doing it.”

Pumpkinology was introduced by math teacher Amanda Keenan several years ago. Keenan coordinates the event along with teachers Christine Forte, Nicole Giangrasso and Saito.

“Pumpkinology shows students that math and science are truly a part of everyday activities,” added Saito. “And—they are fun."


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