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Polles: School Construction Finished by September

Cedar Grove projects include replacement of roofs, windows and doors at high school, Leonard R. Parks Elementary School, North End Elementary School and South End Elementary School.

While Cedar Grove students have spent their summer going to camp, swimming, spending time outdoors and relaxing, the Cedar Grove School District has been hard at work on four new projects to revitalize the schools for September.
Four schools — Leonard R. Parks Elementary School, North End Elementary School, South End Elementary School and Cedar Grove High School — are each undergoing roof facelifts.
In fact, work on the new roof on the Leonard R. Park School has already been completed, at a cost of $685,392.
Additional work at the North End School will include replacing windows and both interior and exterior doors will cost $1,393,000.
“The current doors are the original doors from when the school was built in 1955, same with the windows,” said Cedar Grove Superintendent Dr. Gene Polles.
The new interior and exterior doors will also mean better security, he said.
Work at the South End School will also include new windows and interior and exterior doors with a total price tag of $1,770,000.
In addition to a new roof, the high school is also getting new windows and doors and new ceilings throughout the school, as well as new lighting and a revitalized HVAC system at a cost of $8,332,000.
Except for the high school, work in all district schools will be completed by September. Work at the high school will be completed in three phases, with the third phase — window replacement — completed between September and October.
“The high school is going to be revitalized,” Polles said. “The whole interior environment is going to be so much more bright, alive and conducive to learning. That goes for the other buildings too. Not only will it be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional.”
Polles added, “We have windows in these buildings that haven't opened up for years. We will have better airflow and better security.”

Click here to see additional construction photos on the Cedar Grove School District website.


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