Middle School Mold Remediation Nearing Completion

F.N. Brown Middle School has been undergoing $35,500 remediation and waterproofing work to clear the school of any potentially harmful mold.

While Verona middle school students have been enjoying a summer of camp, swimming, vacations and sightseeing, district officials have been hard at work.

The district has been working all summer at the F.N. Brown Middle School, where the building has been undergoing remediation and waterproofing to clear the school of any potentially harmful mold.

“We had an air quality issue in January because of a water seepage problem,” Verona Superintendent Steven Fiore said recently.

“We did some air quality testing with an outside consultant and it was recommended that we close a couple of rooms along the front of the building,” Forte said. 

The next step, he said, was waterproofing to stop any water seepage into the school. After waterproofing they remediate, or clean the area of existing mold by removing affected sheetrock.

The school is now in the third phase of the project, which involves rebuilding materials that were removed.

“When we did the remediation we had to do some demolition so now it’s just a rebuild,” said Forte. “The air quality will be improved which was a safety issue for students and thats the important thing.” 

So far the $35,500 mold remediation is on track to be completed next month.

In addition to F.N. Brown, Verona High School will also have some summer work completed.

That school will have a new computer lab up and running for the first day of school.

“We are reconfiguring the computer labs because the way they are currently, we have three computer labs right next to each other with no walls in between,” said Forte. “It causes a problem if there is one teacher teaching a lesson in one lab while another teacher is trying to teach in another lab.”

While spreading out the computer labs they are also making upgrades to their current infrastructure.

“The students will benefit because it will be more accessible and another place where students and teachers can go to use more machines,” he said.


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