Districts Expand Course Options for Students

Verona High School adds course electives while Cedar Grove expands their math program.


When students return to Verona and Cedar Grove High Schools in about two weeks, they’ll return to their schools with more course options than ever before.

In Verona, the district has added new electives in Visual and Performing Arts as well as in 21st Century Life and Careers/Technology.

Verona High School now offers college credits through new relationships with nearby colleges as well.

The New Jersey Department of Education requires all graduates to take five credits in Visual and Performing Arts and five credits in 21st Century Life and Careers/ Technology. Recently, Verona learned they offer fewer elective courses than similar schools. Because of district prerequisite requirements, there is less opportunity for flexibility in student scheduling. 

This new structure will allow student choice in course selection, diversify curriculum, increase opportunity for advanced-level elective work and align curriculum with new standards, the district said.

Verona students taking 21st Century Life and Careers/ Technology electives will be offered the following classes: 

• Digital Design

• The Essentials of Marketing in the 21st Century

• Promotional Concepts for Business

• Advanced Woodworking

• 3D Animation

• Fundamentals of Computer Science 

Verona students taking new electives in Visual and Performing Arts will be offered the following classes:

• Graphic Design

• Painting and Drawing

• Ceramics and Mosaics

• Sculpture and Advanced Art 

New partnerships between Verona High School and nearby colleges mean students can pay a reduced rate for college credit while still in high school.

Students who want to teach may take Careers in Education at Fairleigh Dickinson University for four credits for $70 per credit.

Students may also take three-credit courses in English at Seton Hall University for $75 per credit, the Vietnam War at Caldwell College for $100 per credit and computer science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology for $100 per credit.

“The new electives will expose our students to careers in the 21st century with growth potential,” said Verona Superintendent Steven Forte. “This is the first year we have a dual enrollment program in the school. This program will allow a large number of students to earn college credit while in high school.”

In Cedar Grove, the school district will be hiring two new math teachers to expand their mathematics program as well as offer new electives for the upcoming year. 

An expanded mathematics program means students in grades five through eight will receive 84 minutes of math each day, doubling the class length from previous years, said Cedar Grove Superintendent Dr. Gene Polles.

Additionally, the district will be adding a new basic skills program at Cedar Grove High School for Math and Language Arts, a World Language Teacher for North End and South End Elementary schools, two after school remedial teachers at North and South End schools, an after school band instructor and one after school orchestra teacher, a part time world language teacher, a freshman girl's basketball coach and one junior varsity tennis coach.


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