Chamber President, Retired Cop to Run for Council

With two official and one unofficial candidate announcements this week, Parsippany voters will have a decision to make come June.

The race for the 2013 Township Council Republican primary election is underway.

On Saturday afternoon at Lake Hiawatha Park, Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce President Robert J. Peluso and retired Parsippany Police sergeant and Board of Education member Louis Valori announced their joint campaign for the town's lawmaking body.

Speaking before a group of friends and family members, Peluso said their campaign is about honoring the past while investing in the future.

"My running mate and I are standing here in the coldness of winter without a podium, without giveaways and fanfare ... as two responsible community leaders... officially declaring our candidacy for council," he stated. "Responsible leaders persevere and donʼt complain, they are open and transparent, responsible, and—yes—have a plan."

Peluso offered information on his background as a business person for 28 years, town leader, community volunteer and new father.

"Parsippany is special to me," he said, stating the Peluso-Valori campaign theme: “Making a Difference in Parsippany.”

"As a loyal, responsible Republican, I have a record of working tirelessly as a campaign manager and successfully put candidates into office, attended council meetings, led concerned neighborhood groups and supported conservative beliefs," Peluso said. "I am running for council because I care about our township and I care about the opportunities our families have to enjoy a good quality of life. If it's broken, we need to fix it. If it's good, we need to make it better while listening to our community."

He pointed to challenges he aims to tackle, including rising taxes, traffic, flood issues and creating thriving businesses.

"Itʼs time to take a long, hard look at how local government operates," he told the audience. "Itʼs time to treat our homeowners, our neighbors, our businesses as more than just an endless source of tax revenue. My fight is your fight for the community.

"I want your vote and promise you this: I wonʼt back down from the tough fights, I will not go along to get along and Iʼll fight to make sure that your tax dollars are spent wisely."

Valori, who just missed being appointed to fill the last council vacancy because of now-cleared issues surrounding his retirement from the police department, said he and Peluso are likeminded men who make a good team.

"We are both fiscally conservative taxpayers involved with our community; we both have children and good family values," he said. "With Rob’s strong background in the banking industry and economic development, we both believe in responsible leadership with a plan."

Valori pointed to issues surrounding "constant" tax increases, quality of life, community and economic development, flood control and ensuring each taxpayer has a voice in "our diverse" community.

"We are diversified leaders who will provide direction and a vision to meet the challenges in this new economy," he said.

 He added that their ticket is a positive thing for township Republicans and for the party.

"Rob and I are loyal Republicans committed to preserving conservative ideals and the Republican Party in Parsippany," he said. "We need Republican leadership that is experienced, educated and that will achieve results."

The men ended the event with a slogan: "Vote Peluso and Valori, responsible leadership with a plan."

So far, the ticket faces opposition from one challenger: On Thursday, speaking before Morris County Young Republicans in Morristown, Mayor James Barberio said unofficially that his re-election ticket will include former Planning Board member Milin Shah.

Shah confirmed the announcement to Patch, noting that he was "excited," but made no formal statement. An official announcement of the Barberio-Shah ticket is expected soon.

The primary election is scheduled for June 4. Filing deadline for prospective candidates is 4 p.m. on April 1.

Scott Dean January 28, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Ok boys and girls we get it, Larry for (Not Barberio) Parker for (Barberio) Let their bodies of work speak for themselves,Not sure but if the people were polled on the last year of hijinx we have a clear winner!!
Parker Jones January 28, 2013 at 11:42 PM
Wrong again. There is no grandfather clause.
debbie blair January 29, 2013 at 04:45 AM
Why is it that Barberio's buddies make allegations against police officers that had served their community in a distinguished manner and can't prove their allegations. They are based on childish rumors and conspiracy theories. Obviously Mayor Barberio made up these allegations for his cronies to post for him. He is to incompetent to write these very scripted posts himself. FACTS 1. John Cesaro is appointed by Barberio at the taxpayers expense. Is their a conflict of interest that he was an elected councilmen for our town and shortly afterwards rehired for the Mayors payroll. This ethically stinks!! Fact, our good friend Ann Grossi was approved by the Mayor to do workmens comp cases for our town she now gets paid by our tax dollars. Question what experience does she have with workmens comp cases? Fact none! Why werent these jobs given to competent attorneys with experience. Ceasro not reappointed to Denville, Why? Cesaro not reappointed to Hanover, Why? What will be intersting is will they openly endorse Mr. Blunder? If they do the residents of the town should be outraged that these two officals are paid by our tax dollars and would be a conflict of interest and would stink as corruption!! FACT 1. One million in attorney fees a year! Johnny is getting richer and drives a nice BMW with a big house! 2. Vacant bussiness= Loss of revenue 3. 250, 000 pay out for clerk 4. Promotions with 30 patrolmen short 5. Letter for convicted drug dealer 6. Nepotism jobs
B. Granger January 30, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Natalie- I just want to throw out there for everyone- take a look at the elect report for DeIntinis and Carifi. How is it he(DeIntinis) spent nothing for his run at the BOE? Mr. Carifi onlyreported spending $2,252.30 for his party at the Sheraton. Who paid for the 300 dble sided 4x4 signs? The full page Parsippany Life ad? The door hangers? Post card mailers? Robo-calls? Small signs? I think you get the picture...a private non-reported donation from the deep pockets on the hill-Mr. Colangelo? or perhaps Mr. Mossberg? Maybe payment for Carifis chauffer duties during Sandy for those Bentley gas runs to the head of the line.I think Mr Messmer needs to wake from his slumber and start digging...
Carl Merchant January 31, 2013 at 06:18 AM
Let's see if Barberio gets Mr. Inglisino to fund his campaign, everyone knows that Barberio or should I say our taxpayer money has funded Inglisinos pockets.


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