Verona, Cedar Grove Prepare for Heat Wave

Verona Community Center as well as Cedar Grove Municipal Building and Public Library to serve as cooling stations.

With local temperatures expected to exceed 90 during the next few days, The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat advisory for today through Friday.

The Verona Police Department has advice while residents suffer through this period: “Hydrate, stay cool, avoid exertion and check on others.” 

Verona Police are now focusing on the tomorrow night’s high school graduation, which will take place outdoors at 6:30 on Sellitto Field at Verona High School.

Water stations will be set up throughout the school grounds to keep graduate’s relatives and friends cool during the ceremony. In addition, the high school cafeteria will be air conditioned and have a live streaming feed of the ceremony so weather-conscious spectators can view the ceremony while keeping cool and out of the sun.

During the heat wave Verona Chief of Police Douglas Huber recommends residents “stay indoors as much as possible and drink a lot of water.”

“If there is a problem with power shortages or cooling areas we have emergency management plans in place that will kick in automatically,” he said.

To get assistance for heat-related issues residents may call the police desk at (973) 239-5000, he added.

To escape the heat, residents are invited and encouraged to visit the Verona Community Center which will serve as a cooling station, said Verona Township Manager Joseph Martin. 

In addition, the Verona Community Pool will open this afternoon from 4 to 8 p.m. for members and guests. A pool member must accompany guests.

The township is also making sure elderly citizens are taken care of and staying out of the heat.

“Our senior citizens coordinator has a list of elderly folks who need to be checked on,” said Martin. “On a periodic basis we will make those checks as needed.”

In Cedar Grove, the municipal building, as well as the public library, will serve as cooling stations for the duration of the heat wave. Both are air conditioned and open to the public.

“The police have direct contact with public service (PSE&G),” said Cedar Grove Chief of Police Richard Vanderstreet. “In the event any of our residents experience power outages related to the heat they can contact the police department and we will utilize our special numbers to get public service involved.”

“We want to advise residents to try and avoid any strenuous activity during the heat of the day and we are here if they need us,” he said.

The Cedar Grove Town Pool opened at noon because school is over and the excessive heat, said Cedar Grove Mayor John Zunic.

For updates from the Verona Police Department, click here.

For updates from the Cedar Grove Police Department, click here.

For heat safety tips, click here.


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