Report: Verona Council Never Officially Appointed Acting Municipal Clerk

Township missed deadlines to officially vote on Susan Neale.

It appears after Verona's fulltime clerk Jean McEnroe retired in 2011, the Verona Township Council never got around to officially voting on the appointment of acting Municipal Clerk Susan Neale, a violation of a state statute, a published report said Thursday.

Township Manager Joseph Martin appointed Neale in late 2011, but Councilman Kevin Ryan told the Verona-Cedar Grove Times the council "never passed a formal resolution."

According to the report, the state statute required the council to vote again, one year later, to keep Neale in her position, but that slipped through the cracks again.

"We were just a little late, but these housekeeping things - I would like to see us do a little better job at," Ryan said.


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