Hurricane Sandy Timeline

A list of local stories on Hurricane Sandy from Verona-Cedar Grove Patch.

Friday October 26

Hurricane Sandy, also known as “Frankenstorm” on social media, is expected to hit Verona and Cedar Grove late Monday and into Tuesday. Both towns are busy preparing before hunkering down to await the storm.

Both townships will be using the NIXLE system to provide residents with immediate updates on what is going on in case of an emergency situation.

Saturday October 27

Official: Sandy Strike Matter Of When Not If

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's updated storm path and rainfall projections show show options for the storm missing the region "rapidly dwindling."

According to the report and graphics released Saturday evening by the NOAA's Gary Szatkowski, confidence continues to increase that the region will see very severe impacts from this storm.

Sunday October 28

Verona and Cedar Grove are hunkering down to await Hurricane Sandy as it threatens to hit New Jersey hard with high winds and flooding.

Hurricane Sandy is imminently approaching and both Verona and Cedar Grove townships, as well as residents, are prepared and ready to batten down the hatches. 

Both townships spent Friday removing leaves from gutters, cleaning out catch-basins and unclogging the Peckman River. 

Verona school officials announced district schools will be closed Monday, Oct. 29 because of Hurricane Sandy.

The district will make a decision on whether schools will be open on Tuesday, Oct. 30 on Monday evening.

Monday October 29

Verona and Cedar Grove are ready to face Sandy.

Some residential streets seem like a ghost-town, with people staying inside while the wind and rain start to pick up. There were no joggers, dog walkers or even cars parked in the streets

Verona OEM Discusses Sandy

Verona's Office of Emergency Management held a special meeting Monday night to discuss the progression of Hurricane Sandy and its affect on the township.

The meeting was attended by members of the police and fire departments, rescue squad, township council, board of education and department of public works as well as officials from the health, community services and sewer departments and representatives of Essex County.

Verona and Cedar Grove Police are reporting power lines are snapping and trees limbs are breaking as Hurricane Sandy slams into New Jersey.

“Transformers are going out throughout the town and power is going out in pockets,” said Cedar Grove Mayor Peter Tanella shortly after 9 p.m. Monday. “Our first responders are going throughout the neighborhoods to attend to downed wires.”

Tuesday October 30

Sandy's Wake Leaves Verona Powerless

Verona did not fare well from Hurricane Sandy Monday as evidenced by downed wires, power outages and tree-damaged homes and roads that littered the township Tuesday.

At a morning briefing Tuesday, Director of the Office of Emergency Management for Verona Jeff Hayes said 80-85 percent of the township remains without power and wires are “down all over the township.”

Sandy Hits Cedar Grove Hard

Cedar Grove Mayor Peter Tanella said Tuesday 90 percent of homes and businesses in the township are without power.

“The entire downtown district is without power and all shops are closed, except for Super Foodtown, which is running on a backup generator,” he said.

Residents Regroup After Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy struck Verona and Cedar Grove Tuesday, the damage was overwhelming.

Office of Emergency Management of Verona officials said Tuesday 80 to 85 percent of township residents remain without power, while in Cedar Grove, Mayor Peter Tanella said 90 percent of township residents have no power.

Waterview Center Evacuated During Hurricane Sandy

Patients at Waterview Center nursing home in Cedar Grove were evacuated Tuesday morning after Hurricane Sandy blew part of the roof off the building around 5:45 a.m.

Emergency responders made the decision the facility needed to be evacuated, said Mayor Peter Tanella. There was significant damage to the interior of the building making it necessary for a full evacuation.

Most of Verona and Cedar Grove remain without power and will remain that way for an extended period of time.

Verona township officials estimated PSE&G could have power back up in the next seven days, but that number is tentative and subject to change.

Wednesday Oct. 31

Officials in both Cedar Grove and Verona said Wednesday progress is being made to restore power in both townships.

In Cedar Grove, 1,300 homes came back online Tuesday starting around dinnertime and continued throughout the night, Mayor Peter Tanella said Wednesday.

Verona and Cedar Grove Residents Struggle to Fill Generators

Power came back sporadically in Verona and Cedar Grove Wednesday but many residents were preparing for more days without power.

Large areas of Cedar Grove remained powerless and about 75 percent of Verona was still in the dark. Both towns were littered with fallen trees and downed power lines.

Verona and Cedar Grove Reschedule Halloween

With trees and downed wires littering the ground in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Verona and Cedar Grove will need to reschedule Halloween.

Gov. Chris Christie issued an executive order declaring no New Jersey town can hold trick-or-treating on Wednesday. If towns had planned to do so, they must move trick-or-treating and any public celebrations to Monday.

Thursday November 1

Cedar Grove Still Working to Restore Power

PSE&G crews have been working around the clock to restore power to Verona and Cedar Grove residents, who have been without electricity since Hurricane Sandy damaged trees and power lines on Monday.

Power began coming back on Wednesday Oct. 31 and continued through Thursday, officials said.

Verona Still in The Dark Post Sandy

Verona residents are at home wondering when the power will come back on, but PSE&G is leaving township officials in the dark.

Crews have been working around-the-clock trying to fix downed wires and telephone poles after the township got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are still being felt throughout Verona and Cedar Grove. 

Power is beginning to be restored in both towns and businesses are finally opening their doors.  

Cedar Grove Says School Resumes Monday

The Cedar Grove School District Thursday night announced via Nixle classes in the district's K-12 programs will be back to a normal schedule and will include full-day classes, with the exception of Tuesday, Nov. 6 for Election Day, when the district will have early dismissal.

Sandy Forces Verona to Alter Calendar

The Verona Board of Education unanimously passed a resolution Thursday night that alters the district calendar to add two additional full days to the school calendar.

The vote adds next Thursday, Nov. 8 and Friday, Nov. 9 as full school days to make up for time lost during Hurricane Sandy earlier this week.

Friday November 2

Verona Mayor Dissatisfied with PSE&G Response

Verona Township officials, police, fire, rescue squad and volunteers have been working tirelessly to get the town back on the grid, but officials say PSE&G may not be doing all it can to help them.

On Friday, Nov. 2, four days after Hurricane Sandy, about 70 percent of the town was still without power, according to Verona Office of Emergency Management Director Jeff Hayes.

The number of stations that have supplies of gasoline is running low everywhere in Essex County, including Verona and Cedar Grove.

The stations that have managed to get power and fuel have had lines stretching for miles, with customers sometimes waiting hours for a few gallons.

Towns Have Contingency Plans for Voting

With Election Day rapidly approaching and many residents still without power, local officials are gearing up with contingency plans to make sure polling stations are open.

In Verona, Mayor Frank Sapienza said he took part in a conference call on the subject with President Barrack Obama, Gov. Chris Christie and state officials Thursday.


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