Christie Nominates Cedar Grove Town Manager to Passaic Valley Sewer Commission

Cedar Grove Township Manager Thomas Tucci, Jr. has been nominated to the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission.

Cedar Grove Township Manager Thomas Tucci, Jr. was recently nominated for the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission by Gov. Chris Christie.

Christie, previously submitted nominations of more than a hundred people, including Tucci, to various positions, boards and committees throughout the state but the state Senate has yet to sign off on the nominees.

The names were submitted, but no action was taken by the state Senate during the recentyl completed 215th legislative session.

“This is the third time I have been nominated,” said Tucci, who said he was first nominated in July 2010.

Tucci has been serving as the Cedar Grove Township Manager since 1996 and has also held positions as Director of Public Works and Director of Community Development for Cedar Grove, Assistant to the Municipal Engineer and Principal Engineering Assistant in Fairfield, Senior Engineering Aide in Montclair, Account Examiner for Prudential Insurance Company and a repairman for the Belleveille Public Works Department.

“I'm qualified because I am an engineer by trade, I run a sewage treatment plant, I know all the administrative functions and I have all the qualifications to perform that duty,” said Tucci. “I have an engineering degree from NJIT, I'm a licensed building inspector and certified public manager.”

“All my preparation work and schooling has been in engineering solid waste, wastewater, water and the public works field,” he said.

Tucci says he is ready to serve on the commission and since membership of the commission is a part-time job, it will not impact his full-time status as township manager.

Still, he must wait through the long process for the nomination to go through Senatorial courtesy, the Senate Judiciary Committee and then the full Senate.

“I am honored that the governor recognizes my qualifications to perform and for his confidence in me,” said Tucci. “I would serve gladly.”


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