Letter to the Editor: Cedar Grove Fire Chief Michael Tower

Cedar Grove Fire Chief Michael Tower thanks departments and residents for their efforts during Hurricane Sandy.

The Cedar Grove Fire Department responded to forty-five fire calls from Monday, Oct. 29 to Sunday, Nov. 4. Some of those calls included power lines down, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire alarms.

The most notable calls were when an electrical line fell next to the public library, subsequently, causing a nearby storage shed to catch fire. After several hours the fire was extinguished when the entire town lost power.

There was no damage to the library.

During the height of the storm, in the early morning hours of Oct. 30, the Cedar Grove Fire Department assisted with the evacuation of 129 patients from the Waterview Nursing Home, along with the Cedar Grove Ambulance and Rescue Squad, and several surrounding agencies.

Just prior to that, the fire department responded to a residence in which the entire family had been overcome by fumes from a generator being operated too close to the home. The family suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and was transported to the hospital.

I would like to thank all the members of the Cedar Grove Fire Department for their tremendous effort during Hurricane Sandy. The residents of Cedar Grove should feel secure knowing that you are there for them and can always be counted on to perform daunting tasks.

Your professionalism continued to show after the storm, when numerous members volunteered to hand out gasoline to residents with generators, whom were still without power. This gave some comfort during a cold night.

A real sense of community was shown and I am proud to lead a fine group of men and women such as you.

I would also like to thank the numerous residents that offered to cook meals for the members while they were on call.

I would especially like to thank the Nicholas Markets Foodtown of Cedar Grove, Esposito’s Restaurant, Giuseppe’s Restaurant, and New Kitchen Chinese Restaurant for their continued support and donations. Also, thanks to Mikey and Diane Jorn for the sausage and pancakes.

Once again I would like to thank each and everyone for all that was done and all that you do!


Michael D. Tower


Cedar Grove Fire Department


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