Send Out Cards Offers Personalized, Customizable Greeting Cards

Send Out Cards has 15,000 stock cards and offers personalized fonts and photographs.

For the past five years, Deborah Gussoff, an independent distributor for Send Out Cards, has been helping customers to create meaningful greeting cards for all occasions.

Send Out Cards is ready to handle the huge holiday rush, said Gussoff, who has been a professional organizer for the past 19 years.

Send Out Cards offers customers a chance to personalize their greeting card by including their own messages, pictures and even their own hand writing.

“A more personal card is more likely to have an impact,” said Gussoff. “People like seeing pictures on cards and people are more likely to save cards with a custom message.”

Customers can choose from 15,000 different stock cards. For the holidays Send Out Cards has seasons greetings cards, religious cards and everything in between, she said.

“Our busiest season is Halloween through the end of the year,” said Gussoff. “Business owners like to send Thanksgiving cards before the rush of holiday cards, it's a great way to thank people for their business.”

A very popular feature is the option to include personal handwriting as a font. A customer can print out and fill in a form by writing all letters, capital and lower case from A to Z and then mail it to the corporate headquarters.

Within five to seven business days Send Out Cards will have the customers handwriting as a font that they can include in their card, future cards and even use in other word processing programs.

“It looks like you wrote the card but instead of spending many evenings writing out cards and signing them, you can do it on the computer and send out hundreds, saving time and money,” said Gussoff.

Stock cards go for between 62 and 98 cents per card while custom cards go for between 93 and $1.47 each.

Gussoff is a member of the Cedar Grove Chamber of Commerce and ran her business from Cedar Grove before moving to Montville. She emphasizes her willingness to assist anyone with their cards, whether they want to speak on the phone or meet in person.

“I can do the card for them, with them, help them with it or meet personally,” she said. “If someone is comfortable going online they can do that but I am here as a resource.”

Click here for more information on how to order Send Out Cards.


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