March DVD Releases Have Something for Everyone

Comedy, drama and action light up the small screen on Tuesday.

March comes in with 13 new DVD releases this Tuesday and if you like comedy, drama or action, this week’s choices are for you.

Leading off the comedy releases is the Adam Sandler comedy “Jack and Jill.” In the movie, Sandler, accompanied by a star-studded cast including Al Pacino, Katie Holmes and Dana Carvey, takes on a dual role, playing both a brother and his sister.

If your comedy is more slapstick, Larry the Cable Guy’s latest film, “Tooth Fairy 2” might be more to your liking. In this DVD, Larry makes the mistake of telling area schoolchildren the tooth fairy is make-believe. But fans on in for the last laugh as Larry spouts wings and is sentenced to collect lost teeth to make up for his mistake.

For those who enjoy nostalgia, this week brings a classic 80s film remake back with the release of “Footloose.” If you liked the Kevin Bacon original, don’t miss this remake.

Also released Tuesday will be the first season of the TV show “Transformers Season 1.” Catch up with all the action of the animated series.

Drama is also available this week with the release of “Hawthorne: The Complete Third Season,” the recently cancelled TNT medical series about a nurse that ended it’s run with a cliffhanger.

Other releases this week include:

•  Immortals, starring Mickey Rourke and John Hurt
•  Like Crazy, starring Alex Kingston of ER fame
•  The Skin I Live In, starring Antonio Bandaras
•  Senna, about a racing legend
•  London River, a drama about a 2005 fictional London bombing
•  Game of Throes, the complete first season of the TV series
•  Happily Divorced, Fran Drescher is back as a divorcee
•  Mercenaries, an action-packed thriller taking place in the Balkans

Locally, look for the DVDs at the following location:

• In Belleville, Mr. Jims House of Video


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